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Liquid Controls History

The original meter design from which Liquid Controls grew dates back to 1954, when Fred G. Wacker, Jr. was introduced to George Richards, then the sales manager for the Brodie Meter Company. Richards had devised what he believed to be a superior flow, positive displacement liquid measurement principle, and applied for a United States patent on his unique concept. Mr. Wacker envisioned the idea for Liquid Controls, and acquired the patent rights to Richard's invention.

After two years of research, development, and testing, the first LC meter produced for sale was a 4", 600 US gallons/minute aircraft refueling unit sold to the United States Air Force. Visitors to our company headquarters in Lake Bluff, Illinois can view this very first LC meter on display in our lobby. This M-60 meter performed consistently for over twenty five years, testimony to the quality, durability, and reliability of Liquid Controls products.

From 1955 to 1965, component parts for LC meters were produced on both Morrow and Commonwealth Avenues in downtown North Chicago. Sister company Ammco Tools, Inc. afforded machine capacity necessary to satisfy developing demand for the unique measurement concept. In 1966, construction was completed on Liquid Controls first home of its own, on nine acres at Waukegan Road just south of Route 137 (and two miles west of the downtown location). Years later, the ninety acre parcel which included the Liquid Controls site was named Wacker Park, in memory of Frederick G. Wacker (Sr.), who founded Ammco Tools, Inc. in 1922. This facility included a state of the art flow laboratory, which gave the company the ability to test manufactured product to Weights & Measures specifications prior to shipment to the customer.

Over the years, the Wacker Park plant and offices were expanded four times as the company's manufacturing and assembly operation continued to grow. By the 1980's, there were over 80,000 square feet under one roof.

After a comprehensive study of the company's present and future space requirements, Liquid Controls purchased a 10 acre site in the Lake Bluff Business Park in 1992. That same year, the modern facility now occupied by the company was completed. At present, the building includes over 50,000 square feet of production space, 15,000 square feet of office, and includes a progressive product testing laboratory that sets an industry standard. Designed for maximum flexibility, function and speed, our factory at 105 Albrecht Drive welcomes you. Its architecture complements the spirit of teamwork and openness that our associates practice each day in our continuing commitment to serve our customers to the very best of our abilities.

In 2001 Liquid Controls became a member Business Unit of IDEX Corporation, manufacturers of an extensive array of proprietary, engineered industrial products sold to customers in a variety of industries around the world. Joining other successful businesses with leading positions in their niche markets, Liquid Controls further strengthens its ability to provide the best solutions for its clients.

Since 2001, Liquid Controls has continued to expand it's reach in the fluidic movement, measurement and management. With the creation of the Liquid Controls Group, our worldwide presence has grown to include Corken Pumps, Faure Herman, Sampi, Sponsler and Toptech Systems. The synergies between these business units allows expansion upstream and downstream into the markets we serve as well as offering the opportunity to enter new markets. This continued expansion offers our customers a variety of solutions to meet their needs.

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