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Application Expertise
Product?  Flow Rate?  Temperature?  Pressure?  Viscosity? Electronic?  Mechanical?

Liquid Controls has the expertise to offer support for the industry's wide variety applications. Liquid Controls meters are designed to handle the industry's toughest fluid metering applications.  Liquid Controls combines over a half-century of application experience in Positive Displacement flow meters and accessories with the addition of Sponsler turbine meters, electromagnetic flow meters and coriolis mass flow meters, to ensure that the meter is suited for the application.

Handling Difficult Fluids
Liquid Controls meters also handle corrosive, hot, cold, non-lubricating, viscous, toxic and shear-sensitive fluids.  Liquid Controls products feature the a wide range of operating conditions available:

Positive Displacement Flow Meters:
Flows from 5 GPM to 1,200 GPM 
Standard Pressures up to 350 PSI, Special Pressures to 1,440 PSI
Temperatures up to 400°F
Viscosities over 100,000 SSU

Sponsler Turbine Flow Meters:
Flows from 0.002 to 12,000 GPM for Liquids
Flows from 0.003 ACFM to 12,000 ACFM for Gasses
Pressures up to 6000psi
Temperatures from -430°F to 450°F (optional to 1000°F)
Viscosities to 300 cSt

Coriolis Mass Meters:
2" through 12", Flows up to 84,510 lbs./min

Electromagnetic Flow Meters:
Flows from 0.11 to 400,000 GPM
Pressures up to 580 PSI
Temperatures up to 302°F
Viscosity: unlimited, based on velocity

Available for LPG, Petroleum  and Alternative Fuels applications the Corken Pumps offered by Liquid Controls are designed around the needs of the transportation market. The Z-series pumps for LPG bobtails and the PZ-series / PT-series refined fuel pumps are designed to provide efficient pumping solutions for truck mounted systems.

Overcome Difficult Application Challenges
Liquid Controls can help customers overcome extreme application challenges. Contact us with your application.

Enjoy Longer Service Life And Cost-Effective Performance
Because Liquid Controls meters are configured to meet specific application challenges, Liquid Controls customers enjoy long service life from their meters.  Meters applied properly can offer years of accurate measurement.

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