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LectroCount™ LCR-II

Liquid Controls produces among the most reliable and accurate metering systems available, worldwide. For truck-mounted or fixed-site custody transfer applications requiring Weights & Measures-approved accuracy, LC products deliver consistent, error-free, dependable service.  Liquid Controls family of LectroCount electronic registers provide:

  • Improved efficiency relative to mechanical systems
  • Electronic temperature compensation
  • Weights & Measures approvals
  • Ruggedness and reliability
  • Simplicity of operation
  • Compatibility with mobile computing solutions such as the DMS


Features and Benefits of Electronic Registration:

  • Muti-point calibration to improve the accuracy over a wide flow range
  • Electronic Temperature Volume Compensation (ETVC) to reduce lost volume
  • Increased security
  • Future expansion and modularity with RS232/485 communcation
  • Greater control and accuracy of the delivery system through use of two stage valves, optical air eliminators with a LectroCount register as a central control unit
  • Lower total cost of ownership through fewer moving parts, solid state electronics and longer MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure).

LectroCount™ LCR 600
DMS Mobile Computing System


REPEATABLILITY: Capable of .03% of reading over entire range.
LINEARITY: Capable of ±0.10% or better over a 5:1 range from maximum nominal meter capacity.
LINEARITY: Capable of ±0.10% or better over a 10:1 range from maximum nominal meter capacity.
LINEARITY: Capable of ±0.15% or better over a 40:1 range from maximum nominal meter capacity.

Due to the capabilities of multi-point calibration for meters equipped with LectroCount™Electronic Registration, superior accuracy (linearity) can be provided as indicated above.

NOTE: Accuracy obtainable when all variables remain constant. Reading/ measurements must be equal to a minimum of one minute of flow at selected rate(s). All accuracy statements based on metering Stoddard Solvent, approximate viscosity 1 CPS. On higher viscosity products, the average deviation in accuracy will be even less.

Power Requirements:
LectroCount® LCR-II: +9 - 28 VDC
LectroCount® LCR 600:  +9 - 28VDC

Enclosure:  Class 1, Division 2, Group C&D design, Nema 4X
Operating Temp Range:  -40° to 158°F (-40° to 70°C)

US Weights & Measures:  LCR-II and LCR 600
Measurement Canada:  LCR-II, LCR 600

Printer:  Epson, Okidata and Blaster Models

Power:  +9 to 28VDC, 3A maximum (including solenoid valves)

Temperature input: 4-Wire Platinum RTD
Pulse Inputs:  +5 to 28 volt peak to peak, open collector, single channel or quadrature

Control Valve (2):  Open drain transistor for 2 stage valve control, 1A Max. per channel
Auxiliary (2):  Open drain transistor for general purpose auxiliary control.  Aux(1) 1A Max, Aux(2) 150mA Max
Scaled Pulse Output:  Open drain output, 1 A Max.


Electronics Brochure
LCR-II Specifications
LCR-II Setup & Operation Manual
LCR-II Installation Manual
LCR-II Installation Manual (E3650/E3651 series)

LCR-II (E3650-51) Wiring Diagram
LCR-II (E3655-56) Wiring Diagram
Installation and Operation Manuals

LectroCount™ electronic registers are available with a selection of accessories including optical air eliminators, two stage valves, printers, remote displays and that integrate with electronic registers to provide more control and accuracy during deliveries.

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